The volunteer firefighters and EMS members on the Quick Response Unit (QRU) work many hours each year and are certified at a minimum to: operate all the apparatus, provide emergency medical care, respond to motor vehicle accidents, fight structure and wildland fires. Members train and contribute many hours to the community. We not only train and respond in the Stevensville area but we also train and respond with neighboring Fire Districts.

   Training includes weekly in house training, Cadet program for youth ages 14 -17, Fire Fighter 1 class with coaches and testers from Montana State University Extension Fire Service Training School, Montana DRIVE Workshops - Advanced Driver Education, as well as opportunities to attend other outside training classes for fire and EMS.

   See below for link to training calendar

Be a Volunteer 


Dear Candidate,

     Before you fill out an application to become a member of Stevensville Fire, there are a few items to consider.  

     When you become a volunteer firefighter, you are making a strong commitment to your fellow firefighters, to our department, and to the citizens of our fire district. To help you better assess whether you are ready to make that commitment, you should ask yourself the following:

 - Am I willing to commit to attending departmental training sessions?

(We train every Thursday evening for 3-5 hours in the District.  We also host or attend Live Fire training, Extrication training, Wildland Fire training and EMS scenario training throughout the year, normally Saturdays.)

 - Am I willing to respond to calls when I am available even calls that occur at difficult hours?

 - Am I willing to donate my time for other areas of the department such as; fundraisers, parades, work parties, fire safety classes at area schools, or whatever other duties might be required? 

 - Do my spouse and family understand and support the commitment of hours I am about to make, and do they approve of my decision so I can be a successful firefighter?

 - Will the department and my fellow firefighters be able to depend on me to become a valuable team member?




Stevensville Fire Training

 Training Calendar 

     SRFD offers training in firefighting, rescue and EMS practices. The monthly schedules may change with updated information or additions of training opportunities. Please check back often. 

   156 Kinsman Drive
   Stevensville, Montana 59870